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Hercules – On The Radar

(S/R – 2018)

Hercules - On The Radar use.jpg

Anyone fancy a bit ole 70's Rock 'n' Roll that is classic styled boogie and more? – Well look no further than this German quartet who go by the name of Hercules as they are sure to fly pure joy to your needy ears from all four engines.


Imagine Frantic Four Quo, a tad of ZZ Top and AC/DC plus a touch of the South and you are bang on the money here since there boys do just that. Highlights include the early Gibbons/Hill/Beard like 'Stuck Here'; the truckin' dixieness of 'Something New' that has a Rossi kinda way about it; the Parfitt sounding perfection of 'Fame'; the Texan stomping of 'Gone' or the ballady blues of 'Nothing For Nothing' that rides on real well!


A nice bit of meat and potatoe brilliance!



By Glenn Milligan

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