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Deep Purple with Orchestra – Live In Verona

(Eagle Vision / Universal – 2014)















Well this DVD is really something – one of the finest bands ever to come out of the UK with a smattering of classic rock anthems are caught here live with the Frankfurt Philharmonic in Verona, Italy in an old-school real deal Ampitheatre which is utterly gargantuan in size – I bet there ain't many that can fill that either!


The sound is amazing and big as you can imagine performing in a venue of this capacity with a set that goes from the late 60's right up to their current album at the time which was 'Rapture Of The Deep'. D.P. fit perfectly with the orchestra, though they always did back in the days with Jon Lord & Ritchie Blackmore.


Each member gets to do a delightful solo – best is the segment from Don Airey since he starts up with a snippet of 'Mr. Crowley' from his Blizzard Of Ozz' period - okay that's being a bit biased as they are all wonderful – take for instance the soloing of Roger Glover during the encore alongside Ian Paice.


The whole band are on top form throughout and you can really tell they are happy to be there as well. Gillan is sounding great – he hardly keeps his eyes open during songs when he is concentrating on hitting the high notes.


It's all a really big standout and it's more a case of your fave song being the highlight for you though you can't go wrong with the likes of 'Knocking At Your Back Door'; 'Perfect Strangers'; 'Strange Kind Of Woman' or Woman from Tokyo' can you which have more hidden depth when you stick orchestral sounds in them. Love the section in 'Lazy' where Steve Morse trades soloing with the violinist who is also the conductor – BK as they call him (Stephen 'BK' Bentley-Klein).


This DVD is outstanding and essential to any Purple fans the world over!



By Glenn Milligan

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