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Dead Animal Assembly Plant – Bring Out The Dead

(Armalyte Industries - 2021)

Dead Animal Assembly Point - Bring Out T

A very in-you-face and impressive Industrial Metal band from Portland, Oregon who immediately make me think of folk like Uncle Al and Brother Brian with death tones and electronica at times too.


They are made up of Z.Wager (Vocals), Eric 'Zero' Bergen (Guitar), Rebecca 'Buzz' Wager (Guitar), Jason 'Skorn' Moore (Drums) & Nick 'Nix' Snyder (Bass) who deliver a follow up to 2016's 'Old Fashioned Hellfire'.


There are some real ear pulverising tunes like the fast Ministry like 'A Violent Breed'; the dark, slow 'n' nasty violin graced from Lulu Black 'Social Disgrace'; the brutal 'n' unrelenting 'Do The Inferno' and the bouncing 'n' dancy 'Ironface (2021 version)'. After hearing this I really need to get hold of their previous 2 albums!


Vibrant & very needed!



By Glenn Milligan

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