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Dine N' Dasher – Moonshiner

(R.Simmeth Records – 2018)


The influences include Iron Maiden, Dio and far interesting. Girl Fronted... interesting still...and they're German, that's a good sign on top.


Qualifiers aside Dine and Dasher live up to their criteria. A riff-hungry punk inspired attack from the start line, this grand Prix of gritty twin guitars and trad metal choruses cut for the new generation of old school believers races ten laps round the circuit with scarce need for any trips into the pits. Blue haired frontwoman Heike Bauer blasts the tunes out with a bulky yet smooth pressurisation that makes volleying numbers like 'Moonshiner', 'Beat The Street', 'Rock Your Body', 'Fast Attack', 'Shit Up' and 'Away From My Demons' a stimulating listen for multiple reasons.


Slotted hard against Roberto and Andreas's twin guitars, the soloing comes often at the higher octave but her work on the more progressive tracks takes up a large slice of the focus. 'Feeling You' is the one of very few moments where Dine n' Dasher make an attempt to come up for air, with a indie flavoured country number that completely cuts the album up despite a crunchy chorus line, and then returning with an acoustic version at the very end of the album.


'Choppers and Parties' and 'Darkness' slam into the gap between, with two of the potentially biggest live numbers you will hear....if we in the UK ever get to. In summarisation, Dine n' Dasher have cooked up such a massive feast to dine on in 'Moonshiner', it could do us for a year. With Germany, that infinite hotbed of metal talent turning another our way every other day, one more is certainly not going to hurt.


Missing this one however could pretty well wound (your reputation).



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Iron Maiden, Girlschool, Judas Priest & Motorhead.

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