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Global Village Trucking Company – Smiling Revolution

(Esoteric Records / Cherry Red Records – 2021)

Global Village Trucking Company - Smiling Revolution.jpg

A jam-filled band who came from Surrey, UK who are like a miss-match style of Three Dog Night, The Band, The Grateful Dead and much more, with a tranquil, fun-packed 70's vibe all the way through with some organically filled Hammond organ playing, experimentation and jaw-dropping guitar and bass-work throughout the 2 CD set.


The opener grabs you straight away with its early 70's pop sound and wacky positive groove that is 'On The Judgement Day' – an out in the country gospel classic that gives 'Joy To The World' a run for its money, whilst later you get the bluesy 'If You Don't Mind Me Saying' reminding me of Ronnie Lane's 'Slim Chance'; the title-track and band fave 'Smiling Revolution' and the utterly epic journey of the 8 minute plus 'Watch Out There's A Mind About' that has a Southern Rock brilliance about it – with a 12+ minute live rendition on the other CD!


The opener on the second CD 'It Ain't No Apple Pie' reminds me of The Doobie Brothers 'China Grove' which ain't a band thing in the riff department; the quirkiness of 'Pebbles' that makes me think of Fort Myers, Florida Muso legend, T-Bone and his old band Funkbone especially. Then there's the jazz-funk-disco feel of 'Love Will Find A Way' with bass-playing to die for or the ballad of a blueser that closes the cd 'Everybody Needs A Good Friend'.


Love the fact that all the lyrics are included as well as the history of the band too whch is well worth reading... hence me not giving you a war and peace biography on the band here... purchase this long lost album and pretend it's 1973 all over again!


More of this kinda stuff – yes please!



By Glenn Milligan

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