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Sisters Doll – All Dolled Up

(S/R – 2017)



Wow! Just Wow! Am I impressed or what?!? This band seems to have come from nowhere and have every box ticked and put me in mind of early Bon Jovi on a syrupy, sweet but hard Poison route.


But they aint’ from any part of the USA but are rocking at us from down-under in Melbourne, Australia. With tigtht, hooking riffs with lead and backing vocals to match it’s little wonder they got in the top 5 of Australia’s Got talent last year of the grand final!


One of those albums where every single song is a massive highlight as opposed to a few standouts that include the opening title track ‘All Dolled Up’ about dealing with women who you aren’t good enough for them; the positive ‘Good Day To Be Alive’ or the anthemic ‘Strutt’ about a hot chick walkin’.


Then there’s the bass throbbin’ ‘Young Wild & Free’ with guest guitarist Bruce Kulick’ who needs no introduction; the pulsing ‘Old Enough’ about sex with a chick who is a bit older funnily enough or the closing beauty of ‘Moon & Back’.


Absolute Finesse.




By Glenn Milligan

Sisters Doll, All Dolled Up
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