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White Demons – Bleed It Out

(S/R – 2017)


Rockers from Phoenix, Arizona, USA whose frontman, Nick Kokoros has a more smoother sounding Lemmy sound to his vocals who also doubles up on lead guitar too and remind of the likes of Backyard Babies & The Hellacopters etc.


The band is completed by Patrick McKay (Bass/Vocals); Mike Christie (Guitar/Vocals) and firmly 'n' finally Jack Obregon (Drums)10 tracks in all with highlights including the opening raunchy 'Clot When I Bleed' where the album title originates from – or was it the other way round.


Later on you find the slower beauty that is 'Beautiful Remains'; Shake It Loose' that reminds me of an old Focus classic at times; the gutsified 'Lost Gone And Forgotten'; instantly following killer riffing 'So bad' and the awesome closing ballad 'Don't Wanna Be Dammed' with the sweet female vocals placing the icing firmly on the cake!


This overall has a giant feel-good factor to it with the album over before you know it due to it having a classic old school time that would fit onto one side of a 90 minute cassette – the way I like it!



By Glenn Milligan

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