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Philip Kane - Book Of Broken Things

(S/R – 2021)

Philip Kane - Book Of Broken Things use.

UK crooner, Philip Kane's output seems almost dubiously fitted to this page but for some pleasantly palatable prog leanings.


The leather voiced Londoner, a veteran of four albums to date is distinctively more soul oriented than rock especially with the emotive sustains of his lines and there remains a lot of this chap's element that would hardly go amiss in most decent power ballads. 'Eight Stone and Handsome', 'Here Comes An Avalanche ', 'Willow On The Hill' and 'The Eternity Of Small Things' would sit as easily in a sultry downstairs bar as a Sunday afternoon in your local while 'Official Secrets' will just about keep the Rock hungry happy with its pounding drum line.


With some sharp sixties prog essences and sturdy backing harmonies, the talent sitting behind Philip's style is undeniable and an absolute shame he hasn't seen a bigger audience several times bigger.


Lovely stuff but an open mind may be essential.



By Dave Attrill

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