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Silver Nightmares - The Wandering Angel

(S/R – 2021)

Silver Nightmares - The Wandering Angel

Italian progsters, Silver Nightmares shape their inspirations quite clearly from the commencement of this six-track CD.


Then again having scene journeymen, Gabriele Esposito and Gabriele Taormina at the helm helps for ideas of the quality likely to be on offer. Routed around a mix Vanden Plas, Dream Theater and Pink Floyd, the Palermo quintet keep the resultant produce succinct to a degree. A large portion of the tracks are as epic and multi-dimensional as you like. 'Wondering Angel', 'Light Years Away and the impressively Queensryche-esque' Dame Nature' don't require lengthy repeats to lap up as they are remarkably accessible overall with wistful choruses and harmonies all included in the package.


The singer's deep-from-the-earth creen sometimes starts to grate until it comes comes up to a towering tenor-powered outpour that has you fool not to believe Geoff Tate hasn't been secretly squatting under the studio desk all the time they were in, or that they might just have two different voices (Messrs Bonomo and Vitrano) contributing to this piece.


Corking stuff from that country famed for its quality in this genre.



By Dave Attrill

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