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Soulstack – S/T

(S/R – 2015)

Okay a lot of soul to these guys fro Southern Ontario, Canada. So the clue is in the band title but we do get some rock and blues in their before you go running to the hills.

It’s a real warm selling album because unlike what you hear most of the time these days, this was actually recorded totally analog to 2” tape – now that don’t happen too often does it.

Killer cuts include the dead right point and a hell of a lotta soul in ‘Can’t Take It With You’; the funky bluesiness with stonking Rhodes in ‘Lot Of Good Men’; the Humble Pie meets Bad Company and a slight sprinkling of Deep Purple like ‘Poison Headache’ or the church organ starting ‘Real Bad Feeling’ that reminds me of bands like Chicago or Asia.


A great, fat ‘n’ full album with an ambience we got used to back in the day!




By Glenn Milligan

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