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Sixgun Renegades – Push

(Volcano Records / Playground Music – 2020)

Sixgun Renegades - Push USE.jpg

Now can you turn down the chance of blasting up some rather good ole pumping hard rock that has a sleaziness made famous in the 80's? The Answer: You can't – especially when these boys hail from Finland – Espoo to be exact!


The band line-up is Niko Räty (Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar), Samu Tuomi (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Teemu Räty (Drums/Backing Vocals) & Miko Mattila (Bass/Backing Vocals) who have delivered this cracking album.


It's an eight-tracker from the Sixgun's to be exact that opens with the blasting 'Push' and goes on a pummeling rock 'n' roll rant from thereon with 'Get A Grip' (not an Aerosmith cover) being one hell of a track vocally and musically with a killer arrangement throughout and what a guitar solo too!


Or what about the fast-pace 'Antidote' with some crackin' knackering drum-work and the closing ciggy lighters in the air power ballad 'Set Me Free'. A band that are well worth looking out for indeed.


The Finnish never fail us!



By Glenn Milligan

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