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Nasty Crue – Riots In Heaven

(Demon Doll Records – 2016)

CD, Album Review, CD Review, Album, 80's Hard Rock, Nasty Crue, Riots In Heaven, Demon Doll Records, Wroclaw, Poland

Hard Edged Sleaze that's borderline Metal at times from this Wroclaw, Poland foursome made up of Mintay, J.J.; Shuffle and Paulie who got together in 2007.


Highlights on this 11 tracker are the aptly titled 'What happens On Backstage Stays On Backstage'; 'Movie Star'; 'Make Some Noise' (not a cover of the Dead Daisies song by the way) and 'Johnny & Mary'. Go and check them out if they come to town.






By Glenn Milligan

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