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Justin Hayward – Spirits Live (Live At The Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta)

(Eagle Vision / Universal – 2014)















Okay, so it's been out for a bit but it's one hell of a great DVD of a marvellous solo show from the frontman of The Moody Blues, caught live alongside Mike Dawes (Guitars); Julie Ragins (Keyboards / Backing Vocals) and Alan Hewitt (Keyboards / Backing Vocals) – the latter also being of The Moody's.


It's a packed out theatre who get to enjoy Justin at his most intimate – telling them how he came to record 'Forever Autumn'; reminiscing about his sadly missed brother (The Western Sky), not to mention a healthy helping of songs from The Moody Blues and solo ventures too.


Highlights included 'Question', 'Nights In White Satin'; 'Tuesday Afternoon'; 'One Day Someday' and of course 'I Know You're Out There Somewhere'. Lights, sound and whole presentation are second to none!


Such a surefine show from an extremely polished unit to say the least with plenty of smiles from the stage and audience too. As bonus there is a an hour long look at the band on tour entitled 'On The Road To Love' that shows how the shows are constructed from beginning to end; interviews with band members, fans, stagehands, promoters etc. – a brilliant insight.


Well worth having in your collection with even a CD of the show available too.




By Glenn Milligan

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