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Mallet – Man On Fire

(Baze Records – 2016)


Mallet are a marvellous Hard Rock unit – now a trio who originally formed in 1979 from Wiesbaden, Germany and made up of Manfred Dunzl (Bass/Vocals); Jurgen Rehberg (Guitar/Lead Vocals) & Mario Gerhards (Drums/Vocals).


They don’t stick to one style either and even go into disco territory on ‘That’s Right’; country on ‘Follow That River’; funky blues on ‘Bubble Trouble’ or the bouncy acoustic come electricness  soft balladeering rock of ‘On My Way’.


A quality bit of instrumental work to be found on the closer that mixes some wild fusion with a bit of spanishness. Great band and surprised it’s the first I have heard of ‘em.

Mallet are well worth banging your head to!




By Glenn Milligan

Mallet, Man On Fire
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