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Stringman Delivery – Tonight We Ride

(S/R – 2015)



A quintet from Texas fronted by a guy called Don Stephens(who wrote each song) who are very retro American folk kinda ilk is kind of a way to put it but with a laid back rock style about them too.


There are many standouts that include the very Neil Young like ‘A Game Called Love’ & ‘Instead Of Trying To Be Cool’; the bluesy ‘It’s A Strange World’,  or the black comedic almost, ‘Why Am I Trying So Hard’ that would ber the perfect foil for a Woody Allen Movie.


The album is very soothing, almost quirk and laid back with lyrics about ordinary day to day topics such as ‘I Think I’ll Go To The Dance’ with it’s marvellous distortive echoing guitar work; ‘Should I Turn Back’ or ‘The Rules Of The Road’ with plenty of harmonica throughout the number.


Overall think Bob Dylan & Neil Young!




By Glenn Milligan

Stringman Delivery, Tonight We Ride
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