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Savoy Brown – Ain't Done Yet

(Quarto Valley Records – 2020)

Savoy Brown - Ain't Done Yet use.jpg

Savoy Brown are back with that legendary leader and original founding member, Kim Simmonds delivering up 10 cooking bluesy tunes for our needy ears.


He is joined by Pat DeSalvo on Bass & Garnet Grimm on Drums for the bands 41st release believe it or not and like the title track itself states, they 'Ain't Done Yet'. I can see where the likes of Chris Rea or Mark Knopfler appear to have taken some of their influences from after distintively listening to the vocal styles, guitar work and melody of some of the standouts on the album like the opening groover 'All Gone Wrong' and following cruiser 'Devil's Highway' for a start.


Love the warm, soaring solo during 'Feel Like A Gypsy'; the cool sounds of 'Rocking In Louisiana with the rawness of that old Dobro that sounds older than Kim himself. A nice touch with the album coming to a close with the laid back gorgeous instrumental with the aptly titled 'Crying Guitar'.


It's an album you simply cannot go wrong with if you love the blues and yearn for some rock and country tinge too. Just might have to invest in the previous 40 albums now!



By Glenn Milligan

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