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(Pledge Music / Holier Than Thou Records - 2019)

JOANovARC use.jpg

A UK based female quartet who have ploughed some good musical ground in the short time they've been releasing albums – this being their second release – the follow up to 'Ride Of Your Life'.


It has many diverse styles on it and features genres you wouldn't simply expect them to go in – unless they always had those in them but kept it unheard until now. A lot of cool stuff on here such as the hard edged pop-rock of 'Down By The River'; the country of 'When We Were Young'; the disco-rock of 'People Coming Down'; the southern-like 'Jane' or Grungified 'Slipping Away'.


Some songs come from personal experience or from observation of others or things in the media but one thing for sure is that there is something that will appeal to everyone from the casual radio listener to the hardcore rock fan.


A very interesting release.



By Glenn Milligan

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