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Lordi – Sexorcism

(AFM Records – 2019)


Now these Finnish Monsters never cease to amaze with their looks, great music and humourous tongue-in-cheek song titles with this release being no exception to the rule.


From the explicit title track 'Sexorcism' right through to 'Haunting Season' it's a sinister joy to the ears that is more than just nasty novelties and sick songs like 'Naked In My Cellar' that has nothing to do with the dude who had a secret family in Austra; the bottomley unboogieness of 'Rimskin Assassin' about err... more tea Vicar... or Priesty... and 'Sodomesticated Animal'.. unholy Godliness it gets worse or maybe better – whichever way you look at it.


Let us not forget the uncensored likes of 'Romeo Ate Juliet' which I sure may have Shakespeare turning in his grave though you never know or 'The Beast Is Yet To Cum' since he has a packed lunch all ready for devourment. Mr. Lordi and his gang have scored a dark blend of gold with this album that is rammed with grandoise symphonic, orchestral sounds of almost classical excellence.


Sinful listening pleasures await....



By Glenn Milligan

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