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Nino Helfrich - Hourglass

(S/R – 2018)

Neno Helfrich - The Hourglass

Swapping sport for music has shown a few prosperous results in the past. James Toseland in most recent years, and of course some time before, there was a chap called Lars who chucked his tennis racket aside and formed that group with James Hetfield (oh, what were they called again, lol).


German talent, Nino Helfrich has also opted to leave his hockey stick in the rack while reaching for his trusty six string and also taken not one but three lead vocalists along with this angry ride of an album. Mixing Machine Head, Slayer, Linkin Park and Sevendust with a weighty metal spoon and shoving a three way vocal onto the top, Nino pushes the baking tin into the oven to create a tasty musical loaf.


Fiery solos and sharp, stabby thrash lines send tracks such as 'Your Own Way', 'The End', 'Day of Reckoning,', 'Hourglass', 'Apocalypse' and 'Pull The Trigger' right through your skull and not necessarily out the other side. The sonorous clean vocals collage with contemporary screamcore growls more than sufficiently as to stop this album ever dragging, though at only just over half an hour it doesn't get much time.


Massive work and integrity evidently the making of his produce, Herr Helfrich promises a lot on a first listen of any two of these eight numbers. Support this young man if you can as he has set an evident bar herein that not many young guitar virtuosos chance upon.



By Dave Attrill

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