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The Clay People – The Gramercy Theater, Gramercy, Manhattan, New York, USA, Saturday, 20th October, 2018

Tonight, I spent an evening at The Gramercy Theater watching The Clay People open for the band Stabbing Westward. Having known most of these gentlemen in one way or another, I had made several attempts to see the Band live in their upstate New York neighborhood. Unfortunately for one reason or another that desire never materialised. When I heard the were playing a New York City club, I cancelled existing plans and went to see what they were about.














After their opening number, I wondered, “Why have I not seen these guys live before?” I watch countless bands play an assortment of venues around the world and many impress me. Then there are those that leave me speechless - The Clay People are such an assemblage.

I dislike categorising bands because they have their own idea about their identity. Still there are always snippets of sound that remind me of another artist, song or memory. To me, The Clay People are a little Ministry, a little Nine Inch Nails, and a whole lot of uniqueness that make them stand out  amidst a tide of similar creations for the masses.














The set featured an assortment of their catalogue including their 1998 self-titled release which happens to be my personal favourite. Opening with the intense, aggressive 'Plug' they continued to weave through a set of powerhouse numbers. The crowd, many who may have ventured out to see the headliners, were thoroughly taken with The Clay People. The duo vocals of Vegas Nacy and Daniel Neet were superb and in perfect sync.

Dan Dinsmore, who is also is the percussion virtuoso behind his band OWL, was the driving, beating force on stage this evening. The rhythm section was rounded off by Eric Braymer whose high energy bass style complemented Dinsmore’s commanding performance. I learned the band had booked several shows since; and while being a mainstay favourite in their area of origin, they seem to be growing in popularity among both the music elite and the faithful rock fans who hunger for new bands to discover.














With the release of their video for their track, 'Genx', the band are on a path to becoming one of the most sought after groups. 'Genx' is an eclectic, intense creation married with a psychedelia inspired video expertly filmed at Dinsmore’s 'Overit Media' facility in Albany. The video features fellow OWL member bassist Chris Wyse, a versatile musician and longtime colleague of the band.

After beginning this article, I decided to send a few featured songs to friends in both the US and Europe who had not yet sampled the band. The feedback has been astounding as I knew it would be.














I could elaborate on how fantastic this band is for several pages but instead, I am going to suggest you see them for yourselves. It won’t be long before this band reaches further than they already have.


By Dawn Belotti

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