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Fozzy/Hardcore Superstar/Madame Mayhem -

Corporation, Sheffield, Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Set List: War You Started/Stand Up/Innocent/Hurt Me/All Around The World/Something Better (Now You Know)/Monster.

So I didn't make it in time for the openers but the second act, Madame Mayhem, as the name would suggest are a female fronted metal band who clearly very good at what they do.


They performed to a very decent size crowd in the main room of Corporation as well. Okay, so it may be early in the night (and before the watershed) but the F bombs are fluid. As it's the sheer pleasure radiating from the stage that grabs you. Thank you so f*ck*ng much they tell us!


Do yourselves a favour and keep an eye open for the 'Mayhem because judging by the response from the excitable crowd, I reckon they will be back at this killer venue one night sooner or later.



Set List: Beg For It/Liberation/My Good Reputation/Dreamin' In A Casket/Touch The Sky/Sensitive To The Light/Dear Old Flame/Have Mercy On Me/Above The Law/Last Call For Alcohol/Moonshine/We Don't Celebrate Sundays. 

Up next were Hardcore Superstar. A band I've seen on several occasions and they get better every time I see them. Tonight was no exception to the rule either.

Opening with a bang, smoke jets and mirroring the chants; the crowd raise their fists and horns.
These guys have so much energy, with bassist, Martin Sandvik who grinned from start to finish. Their guitarist, Vic Zino, appeared to have his mouth attached to his hands as every note struck was gurned out at the same time. I personally like to see expressive guitar players because that's when you can tell they're enjoying themselves.

As for the lead vocalist, Joakim "Jocke" Berg, what's not to like? He's a great frontman and a great singer. He led proceedings from on top of his monitor, conducting the crowd through every chorus and scream.


Also, something I've never seen at a Rock Show happened in this set. As one song finished the guitarist started chugging away on his guitar followed by the drums and bass before the vocal started ...... “No no no no no no no no there's no limits no no no no no no no” etc: Cue the whole place singing along in what can only be described as entertaining as hell. "We love our euro pop and we're not ashamed to say so", replies their singer, "and we see, so do you!!!"



Set List: Judas/Drinking With Jesus/Sin And Bone/Painless/Spider In My Mouth/Do You Wanna Start A War/Lights Go Out/SOS/Bad Tattoo/Enemy/Sandpaper.

Finally up onstage were Fozzy, led by WWE Wrestler; Chris Jericho. From the first song to the last there were definite choreographed moves - be it chest bumps to high kicks that all adds to the showmanship you would expect for a man of such stature.

While Chris may be used to standing in the centre of an arena he comes across as extremely humble. I was asked if he was a good singer for a wrestler to which I responded he's a good singer as a singer!!! No need to compare his other job except to say they definitely didn't hold back.

Their cover of ABBA's 'SOS' was refreshingly heavy and started yet another huge sing along.
The set was only eleven songs but they milked every note, filled every silence and if they happened to miss one, the crowd would continue to chant “FOZZY FOZZY FOZZY!”


After a quick stop, they were back on stage with two more songs and lots more chanting. I'm really pleased I made it to this gig despite not feeling too well, since I had a blast. 


Personally, I think Fozzy were pipped to the post by Hardcore Superstar on this occasion who were definitely the band of the night - sorry Jericho and co! Not that I'm trying to saying anything bad because all the bands on the bill were great.




By Steve Baranovich

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