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Sevi – The Battle Never Ends

S/R – 2016)

Sevi - The Battle Never EndsUSE.jpg

Rock and Metal from Bulgaria who are saying this is this 'Heart Rock while it simply sounds like loud symphonic like metal etc – well you gotta try and stand out from the rest somehow right – so why not create your own genre for your band? Makes sense!


They get their name from the lady that fronts the band, Svetlana Bliznakova who has a really strong clear voice and is backed up by Rally Velinon (Bass); Dessy Markova (Keyboards); Pavlin Invanov (Drums) and Ivan Angelov (Guitars) who originally formed in 2010. A lot of offer here with highlights including the opening hard-beating and powerful 'Don't Hesitate'; the deep subbassed opening 'Bitter Of Taste' that makes me think of a that puts me in mind of Skunk Anansie at times.


Then there's the excellent 'Supernatural' with it's extra-sexual'ness; the Eurovision Rock of 'Destiny'; the lovely acoustic starting 'Not A Crime' or the title track itself that got my attention straight away with it's harpsichord opening.


Kind of a grower.



By Glenn Milligan

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