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2Sisters – Run, baby ! Run!

(Closer Records – 2018)

2Sisters - Run Baby RunUSE.jpg

Full-on punk rock album which clocks in at just over 31 minutes with 14 songs – now that's pretty fast going.


They cite the MC5, Motorhead and The Stooges as influences and it's hard not to see why with their undiluted, no apology, abrasive rock n roll sounds on offer here from opener with the cracking 12-bar destruction of 'Down' right through to the closing rollicking 'Wake Up' with its alarm clock intro.


The 4-piece band comprising of Allenbach, Chazeau, Marchand & Miquel formed in 2009 in Paris, France and don't hold anything back either. Not a woman in sight apart from on the sleeve itself or a ballad either funnily enough but what you will find are songs that'll prevent you from sleeping.


Check out the horror pychobilly sounds 'C'Mon And Dance'; 'Zombie Girl' with it's gutsy bass fuzz galore; the howling fun of title track 'Run Baby Run'; the 49 seconds of 'Joker' with the laughing at the end or the rather excellent 'Leave Me Be' with light cymbal tapping before it all oblitorates at its closure.


Ram it up!



By Glenn Milligan

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