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Blood On Wheels - Blood Money

(Crispin Glover Records – 2018/2019)

BLOOD ON WHEELS - Blood Money USE.jpg

Norwegian outfit, Blood On Wheels are another Scandinavian band whose past tracks we at Metalliville may have been slower than we should to pick up on.


The Trondheim 5-piece present their third album packed with gritty punk metal that is no-nonsense and all attitude. Designed using sharp alternative pencils, swaying numbers such as 'Spider's Web', 'Money', 'Camaro', 'Saturday Night Coming Down', 'Silence' and '(Why) Don't You' have it all across the blanket.


You'll find crunchy twin guitars, sturdy bass lines and straight ahead new wave flavoured punk vocals from Frontman, Frank Reppen. Choruses and riffs come up fast and rapid in their ratio, making this album still feel too short at 11 tracks.


There's some impressive 70s-soaked soloing such as that heard in 'Don't Wanna' make some moments feel more epic. Well cut and versatile in tempo to quite an extent, Blood on Wheels seem set to continually roll and splatter those that stray too far into their road.



By Dave Attrill

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