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Harbinger/Dreameater/Trajan/Torn Between -

Corporation, Sheffield, Friday 23rd September, 2022

Sheffield Moshers, Torn Between opened the small stage at Corp. Right off the bat, they musically attacked the crowd. Fuelled by adrenaline and skill they punched out song after song with raising levels of intensity.

The guitar work was like the Gods of Metalcore were being projected through the amps. The drums and bass provided the necessary backbone of Metalcore playing that classic style without missing a beat.

One of my favourite things about the band is the vocals. He is an extremely talented vocalist with a distinctive style Pretty new to the Sheffield Metalcore scene, they are already gaining good traction, armed with a Lamb Of God'esque vibe.

These guys are of a completely unique style. If you are into Lamb Of God, you will love these.


Very new to the music scene, Trajan's unique blends of sound made the earth shudder. Their heavy style and absolute skill at performing, you wouldn't think they are a new band.

All very talented musicians who put on an excellent show. One thing I really loved about Trajan is the vocals. He has vocal chords of stellar quality and didn't miss a single note, all while jumping and moshing around the stage.

The guitarists were playing so in sync it was like listening to 1 ultra instrument. The presence of the bass really laid a great foundation, and armed with an amazing drummer, they both provided that awesome heavy sound.

Once again Sheffield produces a great band.


Dreameater are a strong band with an amazing reputation as a hardcore moshworthy 'In Your Face' band. Their crazy shows and hard-hitting music made your face melt and go mental.

Their vocalist was insane, never stopping and bounced round the stage for the whole set. Getting photos was hard!

Dreameater took the crowd by a hard storm. The guitar/bass work was expert and strong. I really liked the drum work. It was powerful, and the audience moshed perfectly in time.


Harbinger are the headline act. Their heavy sounds pumped pure metal energy out of the speakers. Their bassist was very energetic and let the whole crowd know that the band owned the stage for that set.

The vocalists fearful voice struck fear into the hearts of the entire crowd. His lyrics commanding the particles around them.

While all of that was going on, the guitarists played their symphony of anguish to the crowd and aided the bass and vocals with delivering pure metal to the Corp stage. Finally, the drummer beat the barrel of the vocals pure destruction.

Harbinger are a fearless unstoppable monster with an impressive discography. You should do yourself a favour and check them out.


By Alex 'Reaper' Holmes

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