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Ragdoll – Back To Zero

(Bad Reputation Records – 2016)


An Aussie based hard rock band who are fat, heavy and in your face and at times remind me of Nickelback but they use autotune on the lead vocals – a total no-no in my book – keep it real!


That aside ‘ Rewind Your Mind’ is an effect melodic number but too many of their songs have that generic sounding crunchy with the chug chug chug etc.


‘Dreaming Out Loud’ is a good number though as is ‘Love On The Run’ that has an 80’s feel to it’ or the funk of instrumental ‘Kungfoolery’.


Need their own style to be honest.




By Glenn Milligan

Ragdoll, Back To Zero, Bad Reputation Records, Australia, Australian, Aussie, Melbourne, Nickelback, Album, 2016
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