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Orden Ogan - Final Days

(AFM/Napalm Records – 2020)

Orden Ogan - Final Days use.jpg

Notwithstanding how a certain disease is currently shaping the way of the world, Germany will continue to stake their claim as Europe's proud capital of melodic metal along with Scandinavia.


Organ Ogan had already got a fair few albums under their straps over their 25 years' existence and a strong expanding fanbase on their back begging a question of why this Arnsberg fivesome have yet to find their foothold in the UK. I duly give into the temptation to give latest blaster 'Final Days' my time and am without regret right way.


Using the core template upon which most euro metal counterparts construct their product, the formula is a little more varied and deepened. The sound is by a direct mixture of power and thrash metal guitar engines, with some typically accomplished soloing from new shredder, Patrick Sperling that owes to Yngwie on a fair weight of the ten tracks.


Singer, Seeb Levermann's range is the main change of air especially for those who despise predictability - his husky delivery slightly resembling a much more subdued James Hetfield while guest female help comes beautifully from Brothers of Metal leader, Ylva Eriksson on 'Alone In The Dark'. The other standout track, of several, is 'Black Hole', a high octane, multi-rhythm workout with a fierce galloping chorus similar to WASP's 'Love Machine. '


I just hope that the title of Orden Ogan's seventh album does not have any bearing on their imminent career trajectory as this one is a bit tasty. They have all the right pieces and still play them a little more their own way round the board without alienating the purists or the slightly more open minded.


Excellent stuff.



By Dave Attrill

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