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Outmask - A Kind Of Being

(Fastball Music - 2016)

Outmask, a Brazilian five-piece must probably hold joint records for the longest time we are made to wait for the vocals to kick in.


Singer, Enaldo De Paul's smooth, sonorous voice surely makes 'Awakening' at least a good fraction worth the two and a half minutes build up, as well as the other seven we are allowed to enjoy them. Moulded onto a Dream Theater-meets-Fates Warning shaped cast, dimension-heavy cuts like 'Contact', 'Blindness', 'Wilting' and 'Divinity' hike their way through with a hand held out to slowly tug you in.


Guitarist, Daniel Faria makes as just good use of his acoustic strings as his electric facilities, serving up balance of accomplished performing in both over and over, along with a willowy backdrop placed by Enaldo's keyboardsman Brother, Omar. Rich funk interludes scattered throughout 'Numb' and come-go grunge moments crackling around a few select heavier numbers sums up the evident ingenuity you are in for from South America's latest prog sensation.


Nice touches from all the best are to be felt, but on this debut album it is done still allowing Outmask their own identity to play on.




By Dave Attrill

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Outmask, A Kind Of Being
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