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Flight Of Icarus – S/R

(Blindfolded – 2018)

Flight of Icarus use.jpg

A Swedish band or should I say duo with guests from Gothenburg to be exact that are female fronted with that symphonic style to them without going over the top into the metal bandwagon and keeping it more laid back and keyboardy with plenty of drums and bass.


It's poppin' while at the same time it's rockin' with angelic soprano clear, strong vocals (both lead and back-up) thoughout this album from Elisabath Sarnefalt alongside Oskar Frantzen (Gutars/Bass/Keys/Bacing Vocals) with standouts in 'Icarus'; 'Dawn Of A New Day'; 'A Better World' or the closing bonus track that is the soft cut of 'Where The Stars Collide' that appears earlier in original form on the album.


Imagine Nightwish meets Roxette and are getting close to what this outfit is like since their songs are so well organsised and structured without sounding mathematic or in any way boring.



By Glenn Milligan

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