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Interviewer: Glenn Milligan

Event: Hard Rock Hell Sleaze

Venue: O2 Academy, Sheffield

Date: Sunday, 2nd September, 2018

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I recently caught up with the 'Falling Red' Guys after an awesome performance on the main stage.

Topics include Staying in Hotels; Their Audiences, Songs in the Set & Various Proud Moments so far! 

Expect to hear plenty of unedited wild humour as well as a healthy helping of swearing!

Click on the YouTube Link below to listen to our cracking conversation:

Falling Red consist of Dave Sanders - Drums; Rozey - Vocals/Lead Guitar; Mikey Lawless - Bass & Shane Kirk - Rhythm/Lead Guitar who originate from Carlisle, Edinburgh & Newcastle.


Their New Album 'Lost Souls' is out now on 'Outcast Records' featuring the singles 'My Town, My City' & 'Hell In My Eyes'.Catch 'em at a venue near you whenever you can!


Hard Edged Sleazed Up Rock 'N' Roll!

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Special thanks to Heidi Kerr for setting up the Interview! 

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