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Victorius - To The Death (E.P.)

(S/R – 2019)

Victorius - To The DeathUSE.jpg

Brits invented old school metal. And they still play it. Scots quartet, Victorious have a stern message of '...and don't you forget it' spread right across the front of their debut EP. that you don't need to really hear more than 30 seconds of opening track 'Breaking Down The Walls' to read.


Taking off from a very 'Am I Evil' intro stamp, it is old school all the way, where these lads point. 'Silver Bullet' is a sharply NWOBHM steeped fist shooter while 'Prepare To Rock' speeds into the distance leaving a strongly Iron Maiden scented exhaust behind that singer and lead guitarist John Brandon's shredding delivery very well have something to do with.


'To The Death' and 'Rise From The Flames' are gargantuan metal workouts string to the same formats with scrumptious tastes of olde worlde British thrash in the flavour of famed names Venom and Tysondog. While about to score barely above 0.01 in the originality stakes, Victorius nonetheless treat what went before with every touch of respect due and remain true to the roots of proper metal as it was always meant to be played.


Total bliss from beginning to an end - a full length offering from these lads would get a serious blaring on my woofers.



By Dave Attrill

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