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INFLATOR - The Conditioning

(Timezone - 2016)







German fivesome, Inflator are the brainchild of Brit-born guitarist, Chris William J (aka CJ) who on relocating to the Fatherland in his teens teamed up with drummer Jonas Gabriel.


The full band came to being by 2010 abs began developing a progressive/thrash/industrial hybrid which can be experienced on this excellent debut album. Mincing together the above with rap, hardcore, hiphop, and a huge multitude of alternative seasonings, 'The Conditioning' keeps just about every modern metal fan happy with huge chorus and catchy progressions. 'Electric', 'Leave It All Behind', 'You're The Hunter Not The Prey', 'II.II.II (Eleven)' and 'What She Really Wants' are as instant on disc as they threaten to be live, also layering on a powerful Metallica after-feel.


Looser numbers such as 'Fallin'' and closing ballad 'Memories' serve up a distant Seattle flavour, hitting back hard through a driving middle eight and an angry rhythm guitar line to bear the chorus aloft with. Varied and velvety with a huge melodic tilt, Inflator blow this album up into one huge musical balloon and one only a really serious prick would wish to risk bursting.






By Dave Attrill


RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Linkin Park, Alice In Chains, Machine Head, Limp Bizkit, Killswitch Engage, Boysetsfire & AudioSlave.

Inflator, The Conditioning
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