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Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow – Live In Birmingham 2016

(Eagle Records - 2017)

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Yep, Blackmore came back after many years with another version of Rainbow. You'll find no members from previous line-ups but some may recognise members of another band he also has in their.


This is a trip down memory lane with a healthy helping of Deep Purple numbers thrown in there too – 8 to be exact. It's very soundboard to say the least with high end bass drum very up in the mix. New vocalist, Ronnie Romero has a voice that's a cross between Dio and Coverdale – very strong, in-your-face and bawly. There are three other Blackmore's Night members here - Ritchie's Wife, Candice Night on backing vocals, Drummer, David Keith and Bassist, Bob Nuveau too and also Lady Lynn (also on backing vocals) and Jens Johansson on keyboards who completes the ensemble.


Spanned on two CD's and just under two hours long with epic lengthly numbers that include 'Child In Time' & 'Difficult To Cure' (with both a bass and drum solo thrown in there); an even poppier sounding 'Since You've Beeen Gone' that seems a bit empty at times; a killer rendition of 'Stargazer' and 'Spotlight Kid', not to mention a mindblowing version of 'Burn' where Ronnie handles the hight part too that Glenn Hughes always had to do back in the heyday.


Great set – Let's hope new music comes out soon!




By Glenn Milligan

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