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An Interview with the

Incredible Vocalist & Solo Artist

'Mollie Marriott'

that took place Mid. September, 2017

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan


Glenn: It's a complete no-brainer to say that singing runs in the blood. When did you realise that you wanted to make it your professional career and how were the first shows you were ever involved in?


Mollie: I think its always been there since I was touring in my teens but I guess it was around my early twenties I chose to take it more seriously. I wanted to live first and experience life so I had something honest and true to write about. The first gig I did singing my own material was at The Half Moon and it was absolutely bloody terrifying


Glenn: What made you decide to call the debut album 'Truth Is A Wolf' and which came first, the album title or the song or at the same time?


Mollie: The song was put forward to me by my friend Ray Kennedy and his friend Gary Nicholson had written it. I don't like doing songs that I haven't written but it tied my feelings up at the time in a bow. “The truth is a wolf it’ll hunt you down.” Once the album was finished, again it made sense to name it that as it wrapped it up.


Glenn: Nice cover photo and design – why did you decide to go for black and white?

Mollie: Thank you. It was shot by Rob Blackham who is a god damn genius. He manages to really capture your soul and you suddenly see the real you in a photograph that's classic but he puts a current spin on it.













Glenn: It's a marvellous album by the way and I really like it. What would you say are the most cherished memories of writing the songs for it and recording them in the three studios?

Mollie: 'Transformer' to me was one of my favourite writing sessions for sure with Judie Tzuke and Graham Kearnes. We just clicked and it flowed and this overpowering sense of acceptance of what I had become was screaming at me.

'King Of Hearts' was certainly a memorable recording session at RAK we did it in 3 takes, turned all the lights out and just felt the vibe of it and let go as a band.

Glenn: How was it working alongside Paul Weller (Truth Is A Wolf / King Of Hearts) and Judie Tzuke (King Of Hearts)? How did those collaborations come into fruition? How did you get to know them originally?

Mollie: Well Paul has had me under his wing for years. He is such a support and I am unbelievably lucky to have his support. I was going through some problems with the album and he offered the studio and told me just to go and have fun with the band. He really liked 'King Of Hearts' and asked to play on it so its so special. Its a favourite on the album for sure. I met Judie through Bob Harris’ wife, Trudie.


The three of us embarked on a musical trip to Nashville. I met Jude at the airport. Safe to safe it as an odd, hilarious, healing trip for us all as the two of us were in a dark place at the time and Trudie, being the mother hen she is, took it on to sort us out. I'm so glad she did. I love her and Jude so very much. Jude taught me so much as a writer.

Glenn: What songs on the album would you say mean the most to you since they are obviously all very close to your heart and about your life and/or others that you have known over the years?

Mollie: They all mean so much to me. 'Transformer' is a constant reminder to never change myself for anyone. 'Armour', which is on the Deluxe version of the album, is also a particular favourite as I feel its pure poetry of a love affair. 'My Heaven Can Wait' is almost devilishly dark and haunting I feel it showcases my darker side and also a reminder that after that chapter in my life, I can now pretty much take on anything.


Glenn: How long did the album take to put together from beginning to end and what were the toughest parts of the process for you and why?


Mollie: Nearly 4 years. Bloody ridiculous that! It was smothered in trouble and difficulties with my previous label until Stan Kybert (Producer) and Paul stepped in. It was tough opening up in order to write from the heart out of fear of judgement. Safe to say I'm over that now.

Glenn: It's nice to see it will be available on vinyl. You are no doubt pretty old school and love vinyl. Any particular reason(s) you decided on ‘Red'?


Mollie: As I'm sure you know, my music symbol is a collaboration of all the card suits which I have always had a thing for. If you look into their history they are very spiritual. Also, they were surrounding me and it felt like a sign. As the album cover is black, it made sense to me to make the record red as to match the suits. I'm so pleased with it.


Glenn: Okay, I must ask, what are your fave vinyls (album and single) that you own and what makes them special to you?


Mollie: Hands down Rumours, Fleetwood Mac. It reminds me of my childhood as my Mother had a real love for that band and especially Stevie Nicks. 'Gold Dust Woman' is up there with one of my favourite songs of all time.


Glenn: You are on tour with Bad Touch in the UK very soon, what things are you most looking forward to and why?


Mollie: Being with my band. They are my family and they blow me away with their work ethic, musicianship, loyalty and friendship. They inspire me so much.

To play my songs and express myself on stage is my favourite thing to do. I'm so looking forward to it.













Glenn: Care to introduce us to your band members, how you met them and why they are a perfectly moulded fit for you and your songs/styles of music?

Mollie: on the tour I have Johnson Jay Medwick Daley on Guitar, Cj Evans on Drums and Tom Swann on bass. I've really striped the band back for this tour. I met them all through Jim Stapley as we were all part of his band. When he moved away to America, we all deeded to continue to work together as we do so well. CJ and Swanny are an unstoppable rhythm section. They have the Grunge and rock element I love and Johnson brings Rock and some Country elements to his insane guitar playing which makes up my sound all in all.

Glenn: Any dates in particular you are buzzing about playing in that you've always want to perform at? Love the fact that the first date takes place at our very own Corporation in Sheffield.

Mollie: All of them really but I must say Scotland as I haven't played there in 16 years!!!

Glenn: What is in store after the Tour with 'Bad Touch' that you are looking forward to?

Mollie: Back in the studio writing for the next album which I cant wait for. Also, continuing the tour of 'All Or Nothing - The Mod Musical', which I am Vocal Coach for.

Glenn: I've got to admit that your late Father, Steve is undoubtedly one of my favourite vocalists ever, what would say you learned from him as a performer and songwriter overall?

Mollie: Probably to not give a shit about what anyone thinks and just be you but respectful with it. To always give 100%. To keep your integrity and never believe your own fame. My Dad was incredibly unaffected.

Glenn: Do you have any particular favourite songs of his (from any band he has been a part of) or albums that you really love to play and mean the most to you? If so, which ones and why?


Mollie: I am a Humble Pie fan for sure and 'Rockin' the Fillmore' is hands down one of the greatest live albums of all time.















Glenn: You've toured and performed alongside British Pedigree Rock Icons, how does it make you feel when you are there and look to your left and right and see such legendary performers on the stage as your good self? What goes through your head at those times? Do you simply take it in your stride?


Mollie: Well when I'm on stage I totally zone out and have no awareness of anything. Its not until afterwards that I freak out and panic. I don't get star-struck as I find that weird but I am obviously in awe of my peers and think I am the luckiest girl in the world.


Glenn: What would you consider being the proudest moments in life and in your musical career so far and for what reasons?


Mollie: Sharing the stage with The Faces was my proudest moment as I was so proud of them! To see something come to fruition that had been spoken of for so long and be part of it, wow. They are like family. In life? My daughter hands down. She's an incredible little human.

Glenn: You've no doubt seen the highs and the lows of the business. What would you say have been some valuable lessons you have learned so far in the last few year?


Mollie: Keep your circles VERY small, never trust those who resurface after your success, learn quickly the difference between unconditional and conditional love as they can be disguised well.













Glenn: Do you own the pet Boa-Constrictor that you are pictured with that appears in Facebook account?

Mollie: I don't. Sadly the snake is my Sisters and she is a beauty of an animal. One day I will own one when I have the time to. They are stunning animals.


Glenn: Outside music, what would you say are your other hobbies and interests and how did you discover them?


Mollie: Walking without a doubt. I can do easily 15k at a time. Also Ice Skating. Its my true escape since I was a child. Totally clears my head. I'm also making more of an effort to put some time aside to read. I'm obsessed with Biographies and currently reading Anthony Kiedis 'Scar Tissue' which I must say is the best I've ever read!!


Glenn: A big thank you for taking the time out for answering the questions. Really looking forward to the Sheffield Show!



Mollie Marriott releases her album “Truth Is A Wolf” on Friday 3rd November via Amadeus Music. She will be on tour with Bad Touch throughout November.



A big thank you to Michaela & Peter @ Noble PR for setting up the Interview, Barney @ The Gig Cartel for the initial contact and

Mollie Marriott herself for the wonderful answers throughout!

Special thanks must also go to Rob Blackham & Laurence Harvey  who took the outstanding Photographs that are featured in the Interview. 

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