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Atom Works – The Life Of Spice

(Mauste Records – 2019)


This is a journey into the swirly 'n' wirly world of keyboard filled prog, complex melodies, cruising interstellar soaring guitar work, gymnastic drumming, quirky lyrics and vocals to match. A unit that hail from Helsinki, Finland.


It's a concept album as a lot of Progressive Rock bands like to go down the line of concerning as the promo sheet says it focuses on an ambitious plat of a near immortal on a train ride in India in 1934. Some of it is a great listen (400th Year) and other parts will drive you batsh*t crazy as it's all over the place musically and with vocal lines too like on 'The High And The Dry'. 'Time In Eyes' has some gorgeous piano work on it whilst 'The Atom Dance' is pure prog heaven too.


64 mins + of quirky interestingness....



By Glenn Milligan

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