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Alberto Sonzogni – September Man

(Freemood-Feelmaker / Tanzan Music – 2021)

Alberto Sonzogni - September Man USE.jpg

A rather excellent singer and musician who is not afraid to sing in his own Italian accent throughout and blends in a mesh of classic rock, country and southern sounds. In fact he comes from Stezzano but now resides in Treviolo.


Alberto is a part of the Donizetti Opera Company – no mean feat! Then at the other end of the spectrum, the keyboard play of Italy's Metallers, 'Eleventh Hour' & Christian Prog Metal Band, 'Timesword' as well as the Pianist of 'Blinking Lights' too – talk about busy! He was also a former member of Arkadia back in the day! It's a real wonder he has had the time to place this remarkable record together but he did just that one way or another.


I love the fact he has a female vocalist amongst many of the songs that sees many melodious gorgeous ballads performed on the record like on the sure to be a radio hit 'The Armor' that has a cracking guitar solo on there. Other Highlights include the opener rocking 'The Soundtrack of my life'; the Nashville feel of 'A Little Bit Older' and the loving 'If Your Smile Becomes A Kiss' or the closing blues of 'We Play Together'.


It's an album that will really grab you and take you in for definite – no doubt leaving you craving more



By Glenn Milligan

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