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Kingdom Of Madness -

Maddergate Theatre, Norwich, Saturday, October 1st 2022

Set List: Changes/Back to Earth/Just Like An Arrow/Wild Swan/The Prize/Need A Lot Of Love/Les Morts Dansant/Loves A Stranger/Rocking Chair/Soldier On The Line/Tall Ships/Only In America/Midnight.

Encore: Storytellers Night/Kingdom Of Madness/Lights Burned Out/Sacred Hour.

I must start by mentioning this stunning Theatre set in the heart of the historic city centre of Norwich. Everything about it was magical from the staff to the wonderful auditorium, the stage has both breadth and depth it is illuminated and ready for Kingdom Of Madness, who kicked things off with ‘Changes’.

Kingdom Of Madness 15use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 16use.jpg

Mark Stanway joined the above in 1980, 2 years before the 'Chase The Dragon' album and spent the next 36 years recording 19 studio albums embellishing this glorious music, making himself an integral and vital part of the classic sound.

Kingdom Of Madness 3use.jpg

First and foremost, comes Tony Clarkin then Bob Catley, but without the dexterous fluidity of Mark’s playing something would surely be missing. I know Mark was not part of the original line-up but his tenure with the group gives him every right to pursue the cause of Kingdom Of Madness, along with a few others who were there at the beginning.

Kingdom Of Madness 2use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 5use.jpg

I was there that fateful night at Cambridge Junction in 2016, when Mark made his decision to leave, you will be able to read about the reasons in his new book, which is coming soon.

Kingdom Of Madness 19 use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 18use.jpg

You can see the set list above, personally I would like more material pre-Storyteller, especially ‘All Of My Life’. But that is not a complaint, just personal taste. Mark was clearly in his element, his smiles lighting up the venue. Mo Birch had a lovely pair of Congas, well that’s what I am calling them and strutted the stage in her high heels and what a voice!

Kingdom Of Madness 14use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 12use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 13use.jpg

The same can be said of Vocalist, Mark Pascall, no he wasn’t wearing high heels, but together they created a wonderful sound and gave the songs a new twist for the devoted fans who were in attendance at this ambient Theatre.

Kingdom Of Madness 9use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 6use.jpg

As for highlights, there were many! Mickey Barker's drum solo was outstanding! Mickey had joined Magnum in time for the release of ‘Vigilante’ in 1986 and remained on the drum stool until the release of ‘Rock Art’ and the break-up of the band in 1994.

Kingdom Of Madness 10use.jpg

Kingdom of Madness took a few songs to hit their stride but by the interval they were clearly enjoying themselves, like a pulsating football match, sometimes the enforced break can ruin the spectacle, however when they returned the positivity and excitement was quickly restored.

Kingdom Of Madness 17use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 4use.jpg

It was during the second set and the ensuing encore that for me came the nights highlight ‘The Lights Burned Out' which was the emotional high point, ‘What am I gonna do without you baby, what am I gonna do without you now’? Mo handling the vocals superbly.

Kingdom Of Madness 8use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 17use.jpg
Kingdom Of Madness 11use.jpg

On lead guitar, the amazing Alan Bell interpreted the songs with subtle stunning brilliance, while bass player, Brian Badhams kept it together with an almost constant smile. Tonight, the only thing missing was the sound of the flute, as Richard Bailey, also the original keyboard player, was unable to perform.

Kingdom Of Madness 1use.jpg

The links to the historic past of Magnum gives every justification for Kingdom Of Madness to perform these songs. We should think ourselves lucky that we have two bands performing this amazing material.

with mo and mark use.jpg

The night finished in the only way it could with ‘Sacred Hour’. Those who were there were ecstatic! After the show Mark Stanway and Mo Birch met everyone who wanted a photo or simply wanted to say hello.

Review by Paul 'Rhino' Mace

Concert Photographs by Paul 'Animal' Hampson

Photograph of Paul H & Paul M with Mark & Mo by Jane Mace

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