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Knight Errant – The Grand Migration Of Souls

(Independiente/Concord – 2020)

Knight Errant - The Grand Migration Of S

The latest album from those Turkish Folk Metallers who excel on this album with bright vibrant new numbers that come across more metal than authentic folk this time around.


It seems the band again performing in both their native language and also other songs in English too which is a risk on both sides of the coin or could also be a win-win too, depending on how you look at it or should I say hear it in this case.


Standouts on here for me personally are the opener 'Dark Tides' with it's quiet balladeering Metallica meets Pink Floyd feel; 'Ruhlarin Byuak Gocu' (The Great King Of The Soul) with the soaring violin playing and accompanying guitar riffery; the power ballad that is Anafor' (Eddy); and the 'Under The Bridge' 'Chili Pepper like ballad 'Ready To Believe' with beautiful acoustic guitar and violins plus a wonderful orchestral vibe as well.


Good Album.



By Glenn Milligan

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