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Tragic Earth – Hatred & Tolerance

(S/R – 2016)




Young and fresh rockers from Melbourne, Australia who forever keep reminding me of Public Image Limited with their unrelentive aggressive riffery and funnily enough Lydon like vocals from Dimo Shafro.


Standouts include the later sounding Metallca’ness with a bit of Black Metal riffing ‘Future Bleak Society’; the Sabbathy ‘What If’; the acoustic short instrumental ‘Morbid Fascination’ and the gutsy closer called ‘The Curse Of The Nocturnal Eternity’


Different to the norm for certain.




By Glenn Milligan

Tragic Earth, Melbourne, Australia, Australian, Public Image Limited, John Lydon, Dimo Shafro, Black Metal, Black Sabbath, Ltd., Hatred & Tolerance
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