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Captain Mantell – Dirty White King

(Dischi Bervisti - 2017)

Captain Mantell - Dirty White King USE.j

An almost uncategorisable trio of guys from guys who hail from Venice, Italy who fall into the net with the likes what you find inside the brains of someone like Mike Patton.


You could confuse them with the American Soldier, Thomas Mantell who lost his life flying after a UFO since their topics are of a similar kind of nature to be perfectly honest but their name come the bands Singer/Guitarist, Tommaso Mantelli who works and performs alongside Mauro Franceschini on Drums plus Sergia Pomante.


If you mixed Faith No More with Mr. Bungle with a smattering of Stoner acts and added in even more experimental confusion and progression with some Nirvana and Alice In Chains you may be onto what greets your ears here. I am sure Captain Beefheart would approve and consider a more accessible equivalent of his 'Trout Mask Replica' album


Highlights include the pulverising and twangy mysterious opening title track 'Dirty White King'; 'Stuxk In The Middle Ages' with it's Christopher Lee meets Lemmy Kilmister narrative; the very melodic grungey 'Let It Down'.


Then there's the psyched-out 'Inner Forest with the Nik Turner-esque Saxophone work with 'Days Of Doom' following in a similar suit that has an early 70's vibe to it again due to that sax and amazing melodics or ending negative horror-blastings of 'And Nothing More Will Come... Maybe' with it's Jazz-strewn melting pot of craziness and drug-comedown like hellish yet likeable tones.


A truly incredible album with so many influences and mixed-up-ness.



By Glenn Milligan

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