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The Treatment – Wake Up The Neighbourhood

(Frontiers Music - 2024)

(Style: Rock)

The Treatment return with explosive sounds that ROCK! The title track and opener ‘Wake Up The Neighbourhood explodes with purpose down a well-trodden path, but who cares.

Taking their inspiration from AC/DC and Airbourne it’s in your face ROCK! Does the album continue with the noise and attitude to annoy the residents? Well possibly not as it goes off in various tangents. That is not a weakness but a strength of this album. It would be too easy to stay in one direction but The Treatment have lots more to offer than just stay in a one-dimensional void.

Instead, they just power ahead with aplomb, which makes this release a great listen. Throw in a bit of Aerosmith then you have their blueprint to ROCK. Second track ‘Take Me Back To The 1970’s has an Americanism vibe which has plenty of boogie & guitar, ok A Lynyrd Skynrd guitar sound mixed with insistent vocals propels the song forward. ‘When Thunder And Lightning Strikes’ keeps things full over power as it storms ahead.

Three years on from their previous outing The Treatment are back with a bang with an attitude that is going to kick some doors in and rampage down your streets. By the 4th track you are left in no doubt of that; ‘This Fire Still Burns’! great vocals from Tom Rampton and frenetic six string slaying from Tao & Tagore show that if you are on medication the this is the perfect treatment! ‘Man On The High Wire’ straddles the heights without a Safety Net, if you fall you are going to crash your head!

Things slow down and you need the break, with ‘I Can’t Wait Any Longer’ which is a self-appraising ballad, it captures a period of self-doubt and questioning. It’s time to move on.

Coming up to the 7th track this album has really hit the spot, I would go further than that, if you’re feeling down, a bit jaded and dejected give this a listen and you will be uplifted, your worries will fade because this is the perfect treatment! Moving on to ‘Don’t Make No Difference’ it is a Rock & Roll, Helter- Skelter of a ride, with a ZZ Top feel. The Treatment don’t try to hide their collective influences, which is a good job as they are clear to hear.

The 8th track doesn’t really ‘Fire Me Up’ and to me is the first dip in the album, but hey! I’m just a reviewer not a warrior. ‘Free Yourself’ becomes a bit of a mid paced lecture, just be who you are, don’t count on anyone else.

I am beginning to think the neighbours might be going back to sleep, we need something to disturb that piece. It must be time to Rock and party again. ‘Kick You Around’ fails to kick up much of a noise and the slumber continues. Great choruses and guitar, I just feel the dynamic is fading. By the end ‘I’ve Got My Mind Made Up’ it’s an album that is no longer a riot as everyone has gone home to sleep.

By Paul Mace

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