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Andalusia Rose – First Stone

(S/R – 2016)


A trio from San Francisco, California made up of Wendy Lee Gadzuk (The 440’s), Jeff Vengeance (Flesh Eaters) and Paul Jarvis (Skinlab) who rock up the most amazing retro, earthy rock and then some.


Standouts on this seven tracker include ‘First Stone’ that puts me in mind of 70’s Heart, Jefferson Airplane and Vinegar Joe; the Southern Rock of ‘Coming Home’ and the incredible slide work in ‘Destroyer’ reminding me of Ronnie Wood in his Faces days. And that voice of Wendy is just off the chain at times!


You get the impression that it was cut live since it’s overall very warm, earthy, authentic and organic – wow! Just wow!




By Glenn Milligan

Andalusia Rose, Self Titled, San Fransisco, USA, Wendy Lee Gadzuk, Paul Jarvis, Jeff Vengeance, Skinlab, The 440’s, Flesh Eaters
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