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Burnt Out Wreck – Stand And Fight

(Burnt Wreckords/Cadiz Music – 2022)

The 3rd release from the Scottish Frontman and his band goes straight to the throat and the ears who hone that AC/DC like style perfectly.

With a line up Gary Moat (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar); Alex Carmichael (Bass/Backing Vocals); Richard Upson (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals) & Paul Gray (Drums) they certainly mean business with these 11 new numbers on offer.

It kicks up immediately with the opening blaster 'Big Up Yourself' and not too later on you get a Southern like Rocker that is 'Ain't Done Nothing Wrong' with its moderate tempo stomping riff; 'More Than Anything' with even a cool bit of cowbell in there. Then what about the power ballad with great harmonies of 'Blood, Sweat And Tears' or the fabulous laid back Country closer 'I'm A Loser Too' that's like a lost Rossi cut.

This is a well balanced album that's a real grower on the old tabs. Look out for them on tour in the 2nd half of 2023.


By Glenn Milligan

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