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Michael Schenker Group/Doro -

Leeds O2 Academy, Thursday 28th October, 2021

Doro Pesch bounds onto the stage a whirl of long blond hair, studded wrist bands and ripped T-shirt, she is deserving of the title of '80's Metal Queen'. “Come on Leeds, let me hear you!”, she demands in broken English which became harder to understand the faster she spoke between songs!

Doro Leeds 2.jpg
Doro Leeds 1.jpg

If only there was amore crows to respond, with the hall being half full at best! Ripping into opening Warlock track 'I Rule The Ruins' was a taste of things to come: solid, heads-down, classic Heavy Metal.

Doro Leeds 5.jpg
Doro Leeds 3.jpg

Doro has lost none of the power in her voice in the almost 40 years in the industry, she belts out the classics Warlock hits like 'Three Minute Warning', 'Burning The Witches' with its call and audience response section: Doro screams, “Burning….?” The audience yell :“THE WITCHES!”.

Doro Leeds 7.jpg
Doro Leeds 6.jpg

I would like to have heard songs from her early solo album “Angels Never Die” but all in all a tight set. Long may Queen Doro reign.

Doro Leeds 4.jpg

From one German to another the legendary axeman himself, Michael Schenker celebrating a 50th anniversary in rock music! His famed long blonde hair now a memory as he wears it short under some kind of black fur hat which has become his trademark.

MSG Leeds 7.jpg
MSG Leeds 1.jpg
MSG Leeds 8.jpg

Also, he is never seen with out his flying V guitar which he throws shapes with in various positions throughout the set which is peppered with UFO classics sang admirably by Ronnie Romero – a man used to working with guitar heroes having previously sang for Rainbow.

MSG Leeds 11.jpg
MSG Leeds 9.jpg
MSG Leeds 5.jpg

'Doctor Doctor' was a rousing display of guitar riffing, held together by new bassist of one month Barend Courbois, the crowd of course joined in with the chorus “Living loving I’m on the run” but Romero gave a fine vocal performance. He is unique in that he can sing any style and slots in to the Schenker catalogue so well.

MSG Leeds 6.jpg
MSG Leeds 2.jpg
MSG Leeds 12.jpg

'After The Rain' a ballad from the latest Schenker album, 'Immortal' slowed the pace,with its sweeping harmonies. Before long the band were rolling headlong into a UFO set list starting with 'Rock Bottom' and beating the crowd into submission with 'Only You Can rock Me' finishing a set which had material from most of Schenker’s era.

MSG Leeds 3.jpg
MSG Leeds 4.jpg

Personally, some McAuley Schenker material  would have been a nice addition but you can't always get everything can you? Maybe next time right?


Review By Mark Bedford

Photographs By John Mather

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