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Matty James Cassidy – Old Souls

(Cargo Records – 2020)

Matty James Cassidy - Old Souls USE.jpg

An Old-School Rock 'N' Roller that has elements of the retro rootsy Exile Era of The Rolling Stones, Ronnie Lane, Tyla and more who originates from Enniskillen, Northern Ireland but now based in Manchester, UK.


Matty is a multi-instrumentalist who as well as talking care of the lead vocals plays bass, guitars, drums, percussion and harmonica alongside him are Phil Cassidy (Lead Guitars/Mandolin/Backing Vocals); Daniel Kenny (Piano/Organ) & Bret Barnes (Sax).


10 excellent songs in just over 35 minutes on here with some real gems on here that include the speedy harp-filled opener 'Said & Done'; the bittersweet but joyous 'Anodyne'; the addictive chorussed 'Rosary' and the Dogs D'Amour like 'Leave You Heart At Home' with Ben Marsden on Lead Guitar.


Then there's the almost Gothic Steampunk Blues of the title-track 'Old Souls' with it's harmonious melody and haunting sax playing'; the countriness of 'Down On My Luck' with Gary Pennick on Lead Guitar; the fast country folky-rock of 'After All' or mandolin filled, Irish elementary closer 'Born Ancient'. Wow, I have virtually listed every number here! Such a good album that I been totally been blown away by.


So glad I have been introduced to this artist.



By Glenn Milligan

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