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Joey Sykes – Classic New Rock

(Purple Virgo Records – 2016)

Joey Sykes - Classic New RockUSE.jpg

The now guitarist of The Babys (and Frontman of Honey River) released this album a few years ago whose sound makes me think of modern US coming-of-age films meets a Tom Petty vibe and style with a fresh twist plus an essence of Beatles flavour in there if that makes any sense.


Highlights include the opening and uplifting 'That's American Life', the moderate tempo and bouncy almost Breeders like 'Everything Must Go'; the lovely ballad that is 'It Isn't Easy' especially for the guitar break later in the song.


Then there's the positive thinking of 'Someone Like You' the features The Baby's Guitarist 'Wally Stocker' tending to the axe work; the heartfelt ballad 'He Never Cried' about Joey's Father and the closing almost mysterious sounding 'Just Like Us'.


Overall it's a good album with very clear cloud that was recorded in Los Angeles at Starbox Recording Studio. In fact, a few of the numbers feature 2 big name drummers – these being Kenny Aronoff & Josh Freese so little wonder it sounds so good.


Decent stuff.



By Glenn Milligan

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