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An Interview with

'Louis Beevers' (Guitarist/Vocalist) of

(Modern Metal from Sheffield, Est. MMXX)

who play

'Mountains Of Metal'

on Saturday July 20th, 2024 @ Record Junkee

Tell us all about how your band came to be and what roles you all have?


Louis: Reanimate was created off of the back of several different bands we were all in separately that didn't end up working out. We tried to carry on one in particular after 3 other members left, however we decided to rebrand and reform as Reanimate for a fresh start and we've never felt more comfortable and prosperous in a line-up before. We all have impactful roles within the band, with each member dealing with a different aspect such as live shows, writing, merch design, promotion and social media, as we feel sharing the workload is what makes a successful unit.


Where did your name initially come from?


Louis: The name was decided upon after various suggestions came up over months of deciding what we wanted our brand to be. However, like a phoenix from the ashes we decided to 'Reanimate' our careers as musicians and hence, the name was born.


Who would you say have been your main inspirations and influences and why either individually or as a band unit?


Louis: Each member has different music tastes, from Country to Drum and Bass, Punk to Rap, and we feel this plays a big part in our writing as we can come at it from different angles. We're heavily influenced by the Moden Metal scene with bands such as Polaris, A Day To Remember, Wage War. Bring Me The Horizon, Alpha Wolf, Currents etc, and we feel this is reflected in our music.

How would you describe your band to somebody who had never heard you before that will be seeing you live on Saturday July 20th?


Louis: We're an energetic modern metal band with memorable riffs, catchy choruses and heavy hitting breakdowns. If you're a fan of any of those, I'm sure we'll have some things in common!


What Songs / Albums are you most proud of that you have released so far and for what reasons?


Louis: We have released one EP so far and we're immensely proud of it. We worked really hard on it and since it's our first release, we were very nervous. However the feedback has been amazing thus far both from live performances and on our Spotify, so we can't wait until the next one drops.

What would you say have been the most stand-out moments/highlights in the band's career so far and why?


Definitely the Metal 2 The Masses final in Chesterfield. We had a sold out show with huge support for us and the other finalists, where we experienced the crowd singing our songs back to us and chanting our name for the first time. It most certainly won't be a moment we'll forget and we're ever thankful for that.


What have been the funniest, most Spinal Tap moments in the band?


Louis: Probably when we were in the studio and learning how to efficiently record. There were lots of mistakes and mishaps as there are for any new band, however it certainly created some memories for us all. A member of our band spilling a coffee onto some gear springs to mind.


What revs you up and gets you going before getting on stage?


Louis: Both the adrenaline and nerves definitely kick in, however we always make sure to pump each other up before we go on and play the best show we can. Extensive preparation and rehearsal also helps a lot.

What would you most like to fulfil as a band when it comes to the bucket-list?


Louis: Download Festival is on our bucket list for sure, as it is with most new metal bands. That would be an unreal experience for us. However, shorter term goals would be playing bigger stages such as O2 academies and the Bloodstock New Blood Stage.


What does it mean to you to play the 'Mountains Of Metal' All-Dayer alongside the other bands on the bill?


Louis: Playing All-Dayers is always amazing, as it not only allows us to network with other bands of a similar level and genre, but also opens us up to new people who might enjoy our music and experience interacting with them as well which we love. Supporting the local scene and playing in our hometown is also an amazing feeling.

What special message do you have to the folk who are coming to the show?


Louis: Make sure you turn up early and watch everyone! You never know, you might just find your new favourite band. We look forward to seeing you there!

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