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Ryders Creed – Lost Souls

(Off Yer Rocka Recordings / Cargo Records – 2020)

Ryders Creed - Lost SoulsUSE.jpg

Fresh sounding rocker who we witnessed live open Rockin' The Bowl last year in Sheffield who have elements of Gutsy Stoner, Ballsy Grunge & Post-Grunge sounds and more that are all blended together to create their own almost unique style.


The 'Creed come from Tamworth, Strafford and Burton Upon Trent & formed in May 2017, comprising of Ryan Antony (Vocals), Myles Cooper (Guitar), Richard Clark (Bass) and Lee Gilbert (Drums) who fuse a tight well-driven quartet of a band with this being their 2nd album to date.


Highlights include the opening 'Memories'; 'Lost Soul' with its brilliant breathing out, breathing in line. They have a bit of dark quality to them at times that you can find in songs like 'Believer' where the emotional power comes across strong with really impressive instrumental moments. 'Feel The Fear' is incredibly well arranged especially vocally that works so well with the guitar-work which can be said very much so for 'Meant To Be' and then there is the bass booming and crunchy growling 'Hand In Hand With The Devil'.


Nice 'n' loud is they key in order to get full benefit of all the well-mixed dynamics in this album that will definitely grow on you like it did me. I look forward to witness them again live when bands are legally allowed to get out there over here!


One to lose yourself in.



By Glenn Milligan

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