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Shinestress - Miedo

(Rock CD Records – 2018)

More hot Spanish talent straight to our door - it's been a while. Despite hardly knowing a word of their lingo - the CDs title interprets as 'Fear' by the way, I had three little hesitation in taking to this third album by the Madrid 6 piece.


Melodic rock hard rock and metal melded together in a way British and US bunches are often best reputed for signs a big home living on the continent nowadays. Serious echoes of Rainbow, Motorhead, Foreigner, Heart and early Iron Maiden all raise a head or more above the surface in select places. Wiley influences come as crystal clear as they can possibly achieve, the nifty, gliding guitar solos and gravelly melodies gift me many an immediate hook, having me making note of the most repeat worthy tracks straight on the spot.


'Grito En Let Silencio', 'Exiliado Del Mundo', 'Lluvia', 'Huye Conmigo', 'Miedo', and my personal favourite, 'Lejos De Todo'an absolute juggernaut of a melodic hard rock number, are only a random pick from probably one of the greatest European-cut hard rock discs I've heard this last year. As with many an other band who sing in their native lingo, one does do not need to speak the language to understand the musical one Shinestress are educated in, and I for one definitely want some (more).



By Dave Attrill

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