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Bad Touch – Corporation, Sheffield, Saturday 3rd November, 2018


Set List: Show Me What It Means/Lift Your Head Up/Movin' On Up/Good On Me/Sharp Dressed Man/Hammer Falls/Tussle/Take Me Away/Take Your Time/My Mother Told Me/Skyman/Still Of The Night/Believe In Me/Outlaw/Down/Dressed To Kill/99%.


There's not many bands that I personally get a buzz from when I see they are playing locally, but Bad Touch are most definitely one of those bands. Only a few months ago we witnessed them open up the night in the large room for Skid Row and tonight it's headline time in the small room – albit sold-out we heard! Stevie, Daniel, Rob, George and Michael are so up for it too who actually are milling around as soon as the doors open.















What was apparent immediately was the massive amount of folk who had got here early on to witness both supports and I guess get a good position for the young Norfolk legends. With a brand new album out in 'Shake A Leg' - their third studio release to date, we were guaranteed plenty of fresh cuts in the set and they didn't disappoint either – opting to start the proceedings up with three such numbers. Even drummer George was doing a spot of lead vocals tonight later on – always good to see – a la Don Henley right?















Love the fact that they perfectly moulded ZZ Top and Whitesnake cuts in the form of 'Sharp Dressed Man' & 'Still Of The Night' in with 'Skyman' and 'Good On Me' respectively as though the songs were born for each other – I kid you not, with the band in fine supreme form throughout. It was a joyous party with momentous approval from both band and audience. Stevie's voice just gets better and better – not to mention the perfection, prowess and prime confidence amid plenty of banter with us the Sheffield fans.















Plenty of faves in the song list tonight both old and new – wonder how many know the recently released material like 'Believe In Me' & 'Tussle' that was meshed in with well-loved classics like 'My Mother Told Me' and 'Outlaw' that are going down so well in the bands history in these parts. The folk are wowed by the B.T. Boys and the response they get is the best I've seen yet in here. Glenn Ashley and myself were in hysterics about the number about wearing women's trousers after him ribbing me about my tight jeans – lol. You can't make it up!















Unlike those shows where band come back on for an encore they instead stopped on stage since the dressing is miles away hahaha – so those last two numbers, finishing on the live anthemic 99% were actually the encore tracks. The it's off to the merch stand to chat away with the fans...















Stop Press... Bad Touch have now been added to the bill of Winter Rocks in this very venue on Dec. 1st – see ya there.... before I sign off I want to say, be sure to get hold of the new album if you haven't already!




Review By Glenn Milligan


Photographs By Glenn Ashley

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